Aegis Authenticator

Aegis Authenticator is a free, secure and open source app for Android to manage your 2-step verification tokens for your online services.

Meet Aegis Authenticator

Aegis is an alternative to proprietary two factor authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Authy. Its most important feature, is security.


All of your one-time passwords are stored in a vault. If you choose to set a password, which is highly recommended, the vault will be encrypted using AES-256. If someone with malicious intent gets a hold of the vault file, it’s impossible for them to retrieve the contents without knowing the password.


Aegis comes with features such as custom icons, groups and advanced entry editing which makes organizing your vault as easy as possible.


To make sure you will never lose access to your online accounts Aegis Authenticator supports exporting your vault which you can import onto a new device. Aegis Authenticator also allows you to import AndOTP and FreeOTP databases so switching to Aegis is made easier for you.



Wonderful new 2FA app! I've been looking for one with password security and the ability to use the phone's fingerprint sensor to open.


The app is the new player on 2fa market. Love that it's open source and comes with more secure encryption out of box than competitors. Devs are super active and responsive to the feedback.


Simple, effective and the peace of mind that comes with open source code. Bye bye Google Authenticator!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does your app offer that other 2FA apps do not?

    Compared to other 2FA apps, we think Aegis stands out in terms of its simplicity and security. Most popular apps like Google Authenticator and FreeOTP don't bother with additional security measures. They allow access to your tokens right after opening the app. Aegis, on the other hand, encrypts all of your tokens at rest and requires a password or the touch of a finger to decrypt them.

    Another important feature is the ability to export your tokens and import them into another device. Google Authenticator doesn't have this, which has not only annoyed users for years, but has also resulted in loss of access to lots accounts.

  • Can you implement feature x and y?

    Maybe! We certainly welcome feature requests and we make sure to consider every one of them. However, as we work on this app in our spare time, we can't make any promises as to when or if it will make it into the app. We usually work on the features we would like to have ourselves, so if you'd like to see a feature sooner rather than later, the fastest way would be to contibute! We're happy to help you in the process. The code is available on GitHub.

  • I found a bug! Where can I report it?

    Yikes! We track all issues and feature requests on GitHub. Please submit an issue there. If you prefer, you can also send us an e-mail.

  • Can I support your work?

    Yes! We take donations on Buy Me A Coffee, in case you'd like to send a few dollars our way. There's also an even better way you can help out, by contributing! All of the code is free and open source, so you can grab a copy of it from GitHub and start hacking!